The Rose is a substantial wire strung lap harp, with a bright, resonant sound capable of filling a cathedral.  It is based on carvings of mermaids playing harps on the fireplace at Kilravock Castle, home of the Rose family, near Cawdor.  The Rose is made entirely of sycamore, with a hollowed-out soundbox, exterior integral string band, brass string shoes, chamfered arm and a pillar reinforced with a T-section.  It has a range of over three octaves, with a bass drone silver string, tunable to either bass F, G or A; the remaining brass strings ascend from tenor c up to treble f'''.   

Strings: 25 brass strings + 1 silver string

Range: bass G; c-f'''

Width (across soundbox) 29 cm; Depth (from end of string arm to back of soundbox) 51 cm; Length (from end of string arm to base of pillar)  82 cm

Weight:  5 kg

Price - £2245

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