Kennetis Bray Harp

This Kennetis has an Georgian finish.  A darker shade of stain is also available, but of course the wood can be left with its natural colouring.


Our new Kennetis bray harp is based on European harps played in the
late 14th and 15th centuries.  It was designed to be a modestly-priced
bray harp with a bottom note of C below Middle C, with the capability
of fretting semi-tones and giving a satisfying buzz throughout the
whole range.  The soundboard is carved from a single block of wood,
made in the authentic manner, with a rectangular cross-section.  Thin
gut strings are used, giving a light tension which is comfortable to
play, and providing maximum movement for the strings to vibrate
against the bray pins.

Strings:  23 gut strings

Range:  c-d'''

Width (across soundbox) 15 cm; Depth (from end of string arm to back of soundbox) 40 cm; Length (from end of string arm to base of pillar)  97 cm

Weight:  2.5 kg

Price - £1628

Bray detail

Brays are individually fitted to the harp.  We are very happy to advise on the use and maintainance of bray pins.  Just ask!

Arm detail

Here you can see how the arm has been carved to assist with the occasional fretting of semitones. 

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