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14 November 2012EARLY SCOTTISH AIRS For Small Wire-Strung Clarsach Arranged by Bill Taylor


Pieces from17th-century lute manuscripts along with tunes and airs from 18th-century collections are arranged by leading wire harper Bill Taylor. These are intimate pieces, music enjoyed in the households of wealthy landowners. They are set out here for a range from G below middle C up to treble D. Ornamentation, damping, gestures and fingering are all written in and clearly explained in the glossary.

The twenty two tunes, arranged here into eight sets are taken from -

The Wemyss lute book (1643 – 1648);

The Straloch lute book (1627 – 1629);

The Skene mandore manuscript (c. 1620);

Patrick McDonald’s A Collection of Highland Vocal Airs (1784);

The Gillespie manuscript (1768);

James Oswald’s Caledonian Pocket Companion (c. 1745 – c. 1760);

The Balcarres lute book (c. 1695);

The Scots Musical Museum (1787 – 1803).


Available from www.marsharpmusic.com  £15 plus p+p


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