Video of Wyvis

Video of Wyvis duet

The Wyvis is our newly-designed floor-standing lever harp.  With 34 strings, this is the standard size of a modern clarsach. The soundbox gives a clear treble and a rich bass, with sound holes in the back to allow easy replacement of strings. Loveland levers are fitted throughout, providing perfect semitones with minimal wear to the strings. 

Woods:  The soundbox is Lime with a Spruce soundboard.  The arm and pillar are made of Sycamore and the stringband is of Oak.

Strings:  34 strings, 23 gut strings and 11 composite bass strings. A stringing option with completely nylon strings is available. The Wyvis is available in clear, Georgian or Jacobean finish. See choosing a finish page.

Range:  C - a'''

Width (across soundbox) 34 cm; Depth (from end of string arm to back of soundbox) 63 cm; Length (from end of string arm to floor)  135 cm

Weight:  10 kg

Price of Wyvis harp - £4200      (This price includes a case.)



A pickup system is available.

Price of pickup system - £315



Full Profile
Full Profile
Different Finishes
Different Finishes
Georgian finish on the left and clear finish on the right
String from Behind
String from Behind
Replacing a string is easily done from behind.
Fully Levered
Fully Levered
The Wyvis has a full set of Loveland levers









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