The Double-strung Kentigern is a large medieval gut-strung harp, which evokes the arpa doble played by a musical angel in a polyptych from the Piedra Monastery (1390), now in the Real Academia de la Historia in Madrid. The double rows of strings invite the player to tune in various ways. Tuning in unison gives a strict modality, but tuning one or more strings to different pitches allows players to explore Ars Nova chromaticism.

Like its single-row counterpart, the Double-strung Kentigern has a hollowed-out soundbox made of Lime, and is fitted with two rows of gut strings. 

Strings:  2 rows of 23 gut strings 

Range:  c-d'''

Width (across soundbox) 15 cm; depth (from end of string arm to back of soundbox) 49 cm; length (from end of string arm to base of pillar)  88 cm

Weight:  2.8 kg 

Price - £2080

The Kentigern above has a clear finish. We offer a choice of clear, Georgian or Jacobean - all are the same price! See 'Choosing a Finish' page.

Details of Arm




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