Choosing a finish

Sycamore, Lime and Oak are North European tree species that grow well in Scotland.  We source timber in log or board form and so have full control of the drying and seasoning process.  Since wood is a natural material the grain can vary - particularly in the Sycamore - from beautifully plain and clear to wildly figured.  The timber that we use takes 3/4 years to season so there is an element of 'pot luck' in what is used for a particular instrument but we will do our best to accommodate customer preference.

We finish our harps with Danish oil and offer 3 options - shown below.  These Kentigern harps have been photographed in dappled sunlight so they give an idea of colour and how it changes in the light.  The sound-boxes are all Lime wood and the arms and pillars are Sycamore. On the right is a clear finish.  The middle is Georgian stain and the one on the left is Jacobean.  The table is made of highly figured Elm - hopeless for harps!

Here are a selection of other examples of different finishes.

Kinnellan with Georgian finish - all Sycamore wood.

Kilcoys in Jacobean finish (right) and Georgian finish (left) - all Sycamore


Kilcoy clear finish - all Sycamore


Kinnetis in Jacobean finish (right) and clear finish (left) - Lime sound-box and Sycamore arm and pillar

Kinnetis to show detail of oak backs. 

The harp on the right is clear finish and on the left is Georgian finish though this is not obvious in the bright sunlight of the exceptionally sunny Scottish day!

Detail of neck of Kinnetis with clear finish 

The sound-box is Lime the arm Sycamore and the bray pins are made of Holly.  Bray pins are never stained or oiled.


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