Rosemarkie Harp 



The Rosemarkie model is named after a village on the Black Isle, an area not only rich in Pictish remains but also the location of the Groam House museum of Pictish art.  Carvings on about a dozen Pictish stones dating from the 8th-9th centuries give important images of not only the earliest harps in Scotland, but also the earliest harps in Europe.  We have interpreted these ancient designs, and the resulting harps are strung with gut, brass or horsehair. The gut strings will be the natural choice for most players, but any of the three stringing options could have been used by the Pictish players. 

With a range of 19 strings, giving 2-1/2 octaves, there is ample scope for playing medieval songs and dance tunes, as well as traditional pieces.  


Strings:  19 gut, brass or horsehair.                          

       Range: gut: g-d''';                                     brass - c-g'';                                             horsehair - d - a''

   Video gut strung                           Video brass strung                              Video horsehair strung

Width (across soundbox) 15 cm; depth (from end of string arm to back of soundbox) 46 cm; length (from end of string arm to base of pillar)  73 cm

Weight:  2 kg

Price - with gut or brass strings - £1096; horsehair - on application. 

The Rosemarkie is available in clear, Georgian or Jacobean finish. See choosing a finish page.


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available as a PDF from Bill Taylor for £12.



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