The Dominie is a full-size floor-standing lever harp.  With 34 strings, this is the standard size of a modern clarsach.  The substantial soundbox is coopered, allowing a clear treble and a rich bass, borrowing from the design of soundboxes found on Spanish renaissance harps.  Similarly, the sound hole is found at the bottom of the harp, which projects the sound onto the floor and upwards to the listener.  Loveland levers are fitted throughout, providing perfect semitones with minimal wear to the strings. 

Strings:  34, including 24 gut strings and 10 wound basses

Range:  C - a'''

Width (across soundbox) 34 cm; Depth (from end of string arm to back of soundbox) 63 cm; Length (from end of string arm to floor)  135 cm

Weight:  10 kg

Price:  £2980


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